About Me

“I have a problem and no idea if there’s any way to solve it.”

These are my kinds of problems.

How do you make an organic art piece mechanical without changing its organic nature? How can you create a way for a partially paralyzed woman in a power chair to safely take care of and handle an infant? How can you simulate heat transfer across an airplane body without modeling all its inner components?

What all these questions I tackled have in common is their novel nature, the need for creative problem-solving, open-mindedness, and, of course, design. My formal education is in mechanical engineering where I learned about the numbers that define every object we see and use, where I used requirements to devise solutions, and where I learned to code and 3D model to create them. I used the design process to discover new approaches to a challenge, conducted detailed interviews with clients, and iterated on ideas and prototypes. While the numbers associated with mechanical engineering were the foundation and the logic, the design process was the delight and the point where I excelled. My greatest interests are most loudly echoed in UX design, design engineering, product design, industrial design and their likes. These roles all dramatically benefit from a combination of the backend engineering knowledge and creative thinking I provide. I design with empathy towards the customers, the developers, the manufacture process, and the business.

I am often described as intense which translates into my work as well as my hobbies. I am a CrossFit-er, a cyclist, a mountaineer, a hiker and a snowboarder. I train to be ready for any adventure. I take a lot of risks. And I truly embrace any challenge.