Jan 2024

Web 2.0

Project Timeline

Sep 2022 - Jan 2024

Project Background

In my first year at pMD, our public website had seen a huge update from early-2000's style, to a more updated feel with brighter colors. However, our internal systems were severely lagging behind in this change. One of my responsibilities was updating the look and feel of the Web 2.0 page, and trying to develop additional functionality for it to help move our customers onto it.

Front page of our public-facing website when I started at pMD in Oct 2021

New pMD website, released Sep 2022

pMD had hired an outside company to help with the website overhaul due to limited internal resources. However, once the color palette, icons, and main pages had been built, anther UX designer and myself took over to help fill in the copy and make some modifications.

Here's a screenshot of what the internal updated website used like, showing the main page providers interact with on web. This is an updated version of what only a small percentage of customers are able to use. Though the old website is extremely outdated and unintuitive to use, it does provide necessary features that are not yet available on our Web 2.0 platform, which is why providers continue to use it.

Web 2.0 Version of the census

Original census, the one that most customers use

UI Updates

For the UI update, I developed a color palette based on the colors selected for the public website.

I worked with our front end developer to implement these as variables in our code base. I defined a system for when to use each color, and we were able to replace the mix of purple colors on the website with this new, consolidated palette.

Code base showing the replaced colors
Website census, shown in production with the new color update.

In addition to color updates, I also helped define standard components to use throughout our build. This not only helped my design efficiency, but also took a huge burden off of implementing new designs.

Button components
Input field components

Our internal website additionally contained a long list of internal workflows, that all used the same icon. I was able to create new icons to replace these and make them easier to find.

Side bar showing all the old icons for various workflows

New icons, showing the light and dark theme of each (green are for our other website, pMarket)


This kind of UI change really helped modernize the feel of our website. Though the development work needed to overhaul the previous build was substantial, it has allowed us to make future updates much more easily. It has also created consistency in our brand, allowing a match between what is visible on the public website, and what a user experiences when they log in. Additionally, having all elements be consistent has increased the usability of the website, and makes navigation more intuitive.